Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Random Garden Photos

SUMMER is officially here and there is no doubt that the weather gods got the memo. It's been pushing (or topping) 90 degrees for the past several days. July is typically our warmest month so things seem to be right on schedule. I'm getting my exercise with hauling the hose around. I planted so many new things this year and I fear losing them if I don't keep them hydrated until they've established themselves. 

So here are some random bloomers: 

This Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy' overwintered!
Behind it is a crop of Red Flax that I grew from seed. It's such a happy plant. 

Another plant that successfully overwintered despite our colder-than-normal winter is this
Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising.' Don't you love the plethora of blossoms?
Behind it are microscopic cannas. They are alive and I should be grateful
but they are sure slow to rise up and strut their stuff. 

I am totally gaga over hardy fuchsias
although I'm not good with remembering their names.
This one is several years old. It might be 'Checkerboard'. 

This one was just purchased at Fry Road Nursery a few days ago.
I wanted a foliage color echo and I got it. 

Here's another Fuchsia newbie. The flowers work well with the variegated
Pelargonium foliage. 

Here we've got a red NOID daylily, another Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising'
and a red-flowering Agastache.  

Here we've got my Artichoke flower getting ready to bloom
and a double Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum 'Ice Star') 

Newbie Eryngium 'Jade Frost' is a happy camper.

Rattlesnake master (Eryngium yuccifolium) is also a newbie starting to bloom.  

I just purchased these two black Sedums. Aren't they a nice contrast to all the chartreuse?
This weekend I plan to plant a bunch more golden Sedum 'Angelina' on that bare dirt beside them. 

I'm totally psyched about my Hollyhocks. They've never looked this good.
A few months ago, I noticed a tiny weevil sucking the life out of them.
I searched for a specific pesticide that I could dab on the little buggers
because none of the usual methods would kill them.
I hate using pesticides so I made a point to be uber careful.
One application worked and look at these beauties now.

I keep photographing my 'Sum & Substance' Hosta because it's such a stellar plant.
I've got it in a pot to raise it up a bit. Because I've got creeping Corsican mint growing
in several places in my garden, my daughter took small clumps and planted them beneath the
hosta. You can see how they've grown, blanketing the soil beneath the hosta. 

This is a random sampling of my quirky garden design.  

A baby froglet taking a siesta on a lily pad. Isn't he the cutest? 

And finally a photo of my newly-purchased cement water bowl.
I found it at the Corvallis (Oregon) Habitat For Humanity ReStore for $25.
The upper half is an aged cement naturalistic fountain which provides
the illusion of a cool waterway to help me handle the heat. 

I hope your garden is providing a sweet respite from life's many challenges. 


  1. Lovely shots Grace...my Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy' never survived and I don't recall seeing too many of my pink coreopsis this year....gorgeous blooms doing well in that heat....

  2. I love the tiny frog and the 'Cherry Brandy.' It's incredible that it's hotter in your area than mine but I'm also hauling around hoses in an effort to keep plants alive (i.e. the ones I shouldn't have put in after our heatwaves began in May). I wish I could say this was our hottest month too but it's likely to get worse here between July and October...Happy gardening.

  3. Beautiful and interesting as always!

    Enjoy your summer ~ FlowerLady

  4. HOW did that 'annual' Rudbeckia survive that winter we had? Tell the truth: you put a sweater on it in February didn't you? And thanks for the 'double shasta daisy' image. I knew I wanted that sort and now I know what to call it. As usual your plants are looking stupendous Gracie!

  5. Oh Grace, I just love your garden!
    I love your color choices, too - red and pink! My favs! <3
    That mercury rising coreopsis is just gorgeous. And I can't even tell you how jealous I am for your hardy fuchsias! Your sum and substance hosta.....let's see, how many have I planted in our yard? Four, at least. How many do I have? ONE. Yours is gorgeous, and well placed. Love your eclectic garden design!

  6. Your garden looks wonderful ; and no dirt showing at all. I've just had to go out and get more plants to replace the ones I've pulled out , so many bare patches. I wish I'd remembered to sow that red flax , I loved it last year!

  7. Grace, your gardens and blooms are delightful! I just purchased a Cherry Brandy; I hope mine will look as pretty as yours soon. You should frame that froggy pic..adorable!

  8. Hi Grace! That new water bowl- what a great find! Your hardy fuchsia is already blooming, wow!
    It's always nice to see you garden!

  9. Beautiful! I have many of these plants. My Sum And Substance seems to be getting smaller the last couple of years. Still nice but not as big around. Weird. I love your gardens.

  10. Hi Grace, I love your foliage combinations--wow! I think I love your wee frog the bestest though. :)

  11. I ago with Ms. S , Gracie girl ... my heart thumped big time when I saw your froglett ? LOL
    I love frogs and all garden art related to them .. sadly I have no real frogs in my garden .. none around the neighborhood at all .. I would so love to hear them singing.
    Your garden is looking wonderful girl!
    Joy : )

  12. Hi Grace!
    Your fuchsias and 'Cherry Brandy' are wonderful although the summer is hot in your place. Here we have enough cold summer, no problem with watering. The froglet is cute but I would not want to see it in on my water lilies.

  13. Good idea, raising 'Sum & Substance' above its companions in a pot: one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. Thanks for letting me borrow your brains (not the first time, and certainly not the last).

  14. I love your "quirky" garden design...it's you. The flowers and foliage is beautiful and lush and I am jealous of your fuchsia's because I can't grow them here in South Texas. :)

  15. Your Fuchsia's are just so pretty. Love your Coreopsis plants too. All of my pretty ones died out this winter. Oh girl the plants I lost. LOL! Oh that little frog is just so sweet. I never have any in my pond. I think the kitties keep them away. That black Sedum is gorgeous!

  16. Hi Grace, Thanks so much for the advice on the Shasta Daisies....I will definitely cut them back in May....
    I love your quirky garden style! It inspires me to be creative in what I use for garden art....you really have an eye for garden design.....
    Glad to see your Eryngium made it through the winter. I had one that didn't come back. I'm hoping it left some seeds that will germinate one of these seasons.

  17. Great photos, Grace! I enjoy seeing your quirky garden design. Eryngium 'Jade Frost' is gorgeous! I've been hesitant to try any other Eryngium after E. variifolium went berserk with reseeding in my garden. But there are so many beautiful blues in that group I'm sure I'll break sooner rather than later.

  18. I'm waiting patiently to see if my coreposis will rebloom after our horrid Canadian winter. Your's is gorgeous - such a stand-out in the garden.

  19. Yep, you were right, that cement bowl is awesome.

    I've pinned away already, but my favorite photo is the spot where you planted your new black sedum. I need that hosta, too. Where has it been all my life?!


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