Monday, November 17, 2014

Dang, It's Cold Outside!

That Polar Vortex got the better of us this past weekend. Fortunately temps didn't drop too terribly low, compared to many parts of the country. But there have been some cold nights. 

Sorry about the blur. This was the lowest temperature for Saturday night. 

Fortunately, it wasn't cold enough to do serious damage. 

More blur, sorry. Rosa 'Jacques Cartier' wants to continue blooming despite the cold.

Geranium 'Samobar' is a little mussed up.

Musa monster. 

Alstros are sad too.

And the Fuchsias.

This Penstemon is happy. 

Oddly, despite ice storm destruction of my front yard sweet gum trees,
my backyard Japanese maple thinks it's July.  

I saw these blooming at two different nurseries last summer so I bought and planted three boxes (at $2 each.)

I love what it says on the top of the box. 


  1. Same cold here, poor plants. You'll love the Allium bulgaricums, one year I was on an Allium kick and bought a bunch of them, the bulgarcums were one of the few that keep coming back. Another that does well is Elephant Garlic, it blooms with a nice 3" magenta ball. I gave up on the rest of them. Regular garlic also turns into a weed for me, the kind that makes little bulblets at the top instead of flowers.

  2. Plant Happiness! I like that, too. I'm glad the polar vortex didn't leave you too cold!

  3. Cold here too! Did you get the wild wind storm there? Love the plant happiness box!

  4. Seriously, I'm over it. The warmer weather can't come soon enough.
    My yard looks like a squatter house right now.

  5. I hope your winter isn't as bad as last year's!

  6. Wow, I amazed that your Melianthus still looks so good after a low of 26 degrees. Mine is toast. Thank goodness the end is near for this bout of cold weather.

  7. That is so cold...amazing plants though : )

  8. Haha! The Musa monster made me laugh. Those bulbs reminded me that I promised to share some of mine with someone, and then I went and moved to a different state.

  9. I used to grow allium bulgaricum in my Northern garden. It was such a funny looking plant and a very happy plant that always brought a smile to my face!

  10. My fuchsias and my banana look just like yours - very unhappy! Plant unhappiness!

  11. Spring can't arrive too soon for me so I can plant some more happiness but I love Thanksgiving and Christmas also, and the promise of another growing season. Your beautiful garden will survive the frigid winter grace us all with more beautiful photos. :)

  12. We had it cold too and it still is, but glad your garden wasn't too affected....otherwise how could we plant happiness.

  13. The cold really hit us hard this week. We had four inches of snow, and one night the temps got down to 10! That's just crazy for November. Today however, it was 65. What a lot of ups and downs! I'm jealous that you found Mediterranean bells. I looked everywhere for them this year. I have one bulb, but it sure isn't enough!


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