Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fall

There is a frost advisory for later this week so I'm reveling in the remnants of a summer gone by. There are still a few troopers out there. 

Kaffir Lily (Schizostylus coccinea and now some new name.) 

Rosa 'Cinco de Mayo' 



Dahlia 'Ivanhoe' 

Hebe diosmofolia 'Raspberry Ripple' 

Dahlia NOID


Look at all that leafy goodness

Sedum tetractinum 'Coral Reef' 

Happy Hens & Chicks

I saw this cool piece recently. I love stuff like this.
Wouldn't it look cool in my garden? I wonder if they'd miss it.
Just kidding. 

And I spotted the IT plant at a local nursery. 

Schefflera delavayi in all its glory

At $85 ... not all that tempting

Why do IT plants have to cost so much? 

This little guy popped up on my "vintage" potting table. 

Kinda cute, isn't it? 

These mushrooms are kind of weird and mushy. 

Still, they fascinate me. 
Stay warm all of you who live in the path of the Nor' Easter. 


  1. You still have so many beautiful pink blooms in your garden! It's sad to think that freezing temps will be coming in the next week as it will start looking like winter in our gardens.

  2. Lots of great, color-coordinated blooms! Schefflera delavayi looks so funny in a gallon pot. I saw ones of similar size and price this spring. I wasn't tempted either.

  3. No..not freezing temps! I want it to stay mild , with just enough rain to keep us going for next summer !

  4. What is the IT plant, Gracie? I didn't recognize it and candidly, it didn't look all that exciting to me. Does it have some glorious tropical flowers or something? That "Ivanhoe" Dahlia just took my breath away. It could be the way you took the photo, but the thickness of the petals is stunning. Does it really have grooves so deep? What a gorgeous flower and an accent for the pinks you love. I just put plastic and then mulch down over all my dahlias this week--getting ready for whatever nature throws at us.

  5. How hardy is your Hebe "Raspberry Ripple"? Lots of pretty flowers!

  6. So you bought that Schefflera right? ;)

  7. I was just out in my own garden yesterday taking photos to document how it looks before the frost that is apparently barreling our way. It makes me sad knowing it's coming.

  8. I've got mushrooms of various kinds popping up in all kinds of places in my garden but none as interesting as the one you found growing on your potting bench. I hope the arctic blast predicted by the forecasters is short-lived (and that you have blooms left afterwards!).

  9. So beautiful and a little sad to think our summer's glorious colors will soon fade until the reawakening of Spring next year. But that certainty will get us through the frigid winter eager to start all over again.

    The cold front is coming in as I write and we may get our first freeze Friday night. I must get up from this computer and go bring in the plants I can save. Always love to see your beautiful garden Grace.

  10. You are so lucky to have all that color in your gardens! We have everything cut down now and have even had a little snow! YUCK! So I am really happy that you put pictures up of your beauties! (not that I am not happy any time you post :))

  11. Oh yes, you do have quite a few troopers! Love the Hens and Chicks planter!!! Please share your secrets: How do you keep chipmunks and other critters out? Your climate is milder than mine, but do you cover or protect them in any way during the winter? Did you plant a few and they filled in over time? (Sorry for all the questions, but I'm fascinated by your beautiful Hens and Chicks arrangement!)

  12. I'm glad you showed us your pretty bloomers! I think those mushrooms are cool, really a rich color! Here we go for our touch of the Blue Norther (haha just learned that today!) Hugs, Jenni

  13. $85?!?! Good lord. I wouldn't even pay that for a fancy tree. LOL

    The mushrooms are prolific in my neighborhood this year. I don't think I've ever seen so many.

    I NEED that hebe in my life. I bought a new one this year that didn't do a dang thing. I'm hoping he's hardy and will redeem himself next year.

    That rusty thing is great. Doesn't look like it's being given the prominence it deserves, so I'm sure they'd never miss it. :)

  14. Oh what a handsome fun guy on your potting table Grace. Hope that your flowers are spared the ravages of frost for a while longer.

  15. I just adore your succulent planter with all the hens and chicks! Is it a hypertufa that you made yourself? I just love the look of a mixed succulent planter.

  16. So many gorgeous blooms Grace...we had a killing frost finally about the same time you did. Late for us but no nor'easter....we had lake effect and 8 inches mid areas N and W are hit with so much snow...glad we escaped it!


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