Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garden Treasures

The weather is all over the place. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny. Today was 60 degrees and rainy. But fickle weather is the definition of spring. The plants seem to take it in stride.

I'm noticing a few flowers on my Jasminium beesianum.
Jasminium beesianum 

My two Weigelas are so full of blooms you can barely see the foliage!
Weigela florida 'Varigata' 

I found this Lychnis when I was nursery hopping with my sister. I love it.
Lychnis flos-cuculi 

Aquilegia something-or-other. 

Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow' 

There are several ruby-red blossoms on my Grevillea.

Grivillea rosemarinfolia blossom

The entire plant 
If you're looking for reliable fragrance in your garden, look no further than Nemesia. I don't purchase very many annuals but this one is worth it. It blooms all summer.


One of the very first plants that went into my garden back in 1997 was this rose. I'm not much of a yellow fan but Rosa 'King Tut' is such a sweet thing, I allow it to stay. 

Rosa 'King Tut'

 And even though yellow is not on my radar, succulents are so I bought this Delosperma.

Delosperma nubigenum 

In the garden, this Lychnis is really spreading out. It blooms faithfully every spring, then keeps its green understory the rest of the year. 

Lychnis viscaria 

From the opposite angle.

Phlox pilosa or Gail's "Practically Perfect Pink Phlox." It smells like deliciously sweet cloves.  
Phlox pilosa 

And for foliage, oh my I could post a hundred photos! But I'll keep it brief. 

Acer palmatum 'Ben Hime' 

Acer palmatum 'Seiryu' 

Nassella tenuissim

Oxalis crassipes 

Finally, there are baby mushrooms sharing the stage with the colorful foliage of Fuchsia 'Island Sunset' 
Fuchsia 'Island Sunset' and frog umbrellas. 


  1. Once again I am in love with all of your lovely blooms and garden spaces. You certainly have a glorious green thumb.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. What an incredible variety of plants! How you must enjoy your outdoor time...

  3. Beautiful as always, Grace! This time of year is very special. Leaves are so full of life and promise you can almost feel and see the life vibrating in them!

  4. Beautiful! It seems like most everyones garden is ahead of mine. I love that grevillea, though it looks more like G. juniperina to me.

  5. All your plants are looking fantastic as usual Grace. I so envy all the space you have to plant perennials. Love the umbrella mushrooms also and all the greenery so lush looking.

  6. My Weigela's always looked like your for years, but now the blooms are fewer..what do you feed yours if anything? It could be a growing shade problem Absolutely stunning triple Columbine! I have reds, but nothing like yours. It was so sweet looking at your Acer "Seiryu." We planted one two years ago, named it Jilly, after my sister who died, and it is already making a beautiful presence in my garden. I LOVE this weather...keeps everything so fresh, yet plenty of sun too.

  7. You've got a wonderful spring garden going. I even like the "frog umbrellas." That Weigela tugged at my heartstrings too. I saw one at my local botanic garden's spring sale and must have gone back to look at it 5 times before getting the strength to turn my back and walk away - sadly, it needs more water than I can provide.

  8. Hello Grace
    Toujours de superbes floraisons, vous êtes une inspiration pour moi
    merci pour toutes ces belles parenth├Ęses

  9. You have such a wonderful collection of PINK flowers. Love it. I turn to your blog for inspiration.
    Thanks for also pointing out which blooms are fragrant.

  10. Oh man, that Acer 'Ben Heim'...I'm in love!

  11. What a delight Grace to see all these blooms...I can't wait to see the blooms on my Weigelas...here they are beginning to show signs of waking up finally...and the columbines have loads of new growth but no flowers yet...love Nora Barlow.

  12. Everything is so beautiful. Blooms and foliage alike. You have no idea how excited I am to see it in all its glory.

  13. Spring is such a fickle beauty, isn't she? But she can pull it off, because we miss her so much over the winter. Our Miss Spring has been more even tempered, keeping it mostly fair and pleasant. But this week, she's going to throw a tantrum, and turn into summer for a few days! Mid 80's, what a switch!

  14. Hey Gracie! So pleased to see you are still gardening and beautifully. I hope you are writing too! Happy Oregon Spring!

  15. Your garden looks so nice and your plant choices are great. Love the lychnis viscaria.


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