Monday, June 8, 2015

Early Summer

Officially speaking, it's not quite summer yet but dang, tell that to the weather gods! Temps have been in the low 90s for the past several days. I think most of us weather wusses here in the Pacific Northwest are sick of it now and ready for normal weather. And I'm sure hoping this isn't the new normal. 

Fortunately the garden isn't suffering nearly as much as the people. Just a few photos this time: 

Alstroemeria x 'Tri-Color' is starting to bloom.

This is my first year growing this double Lychnis. I bought it on clearance last fall. The blooms are worth the wait. I'm hoping it comes true from seed. Anyone have experience growing this? 
Lychnis coronaria 'Gardener's World'

Geranium oxonianum 'Southcombe Double'

Dianthus deltoides 'Flashing Light' and Sedum

Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile' ... so fragrant!

From left to right,
Impatiens oemiana, Sanguisorba officinalis 'Tana', Thalictrum isopyroides and Heuchera 'Obsidian'

From left to right,
Hosta 'Paradigm', Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata 'Variegata'),
Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra 'Albo Striata)
and a small Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei

There have been multiple critter-sightings in the garden this summer. The tadpoles are losing their tails! Here are two perfectly formed darlings. They are smaller than my pinkie fingernail.


Anna K said...

Oooh, the frogs are adorable - and pretty flowers too. Wish frogs would frequent my garden, but I suppose I would have to create some kind of water feature for them first... Well, you just gave me the motivation - right there! The added benefit is that I could hide beneath the lily pads too, when temps are this awful.

Hannah said...

After such an early spring, I have to say I am expecting a humdinger of a summer. Your Alstroemeria is lovely, so bright. My Hot Tuna reverted to plain green, the new ones are so yellow! They look great with the hosta. I have the single Lychnis that grows by itself, the double looks exciting. It's great that you can raise tadpoles, the tiny frogs are so darling!

linda coombs said...

It is HOT ! I'm can't even sit outside today. Go away hot weather.
Your garden looks very fresh , mine is droopy , I'll have to give it a good watering tonight !

Kris Peterson said...

I can sympathize with your reaction to the spike in temperature. We've been lucky to have unusually low temperatures (in the 70s) since our March heatwaves - until today, when the thermometer shot up to 90. It's amazing how easy it was to forget that summer was creeping up on us until today.

I don't think I've ever seen a double-flowered Geranium before - it's charming, as are the tiny frogs! I love the vignette with the hosta too.

rickii said...

Froggy looks nice and cool. Lucky guy...and with a beautiful garden surrounding him to boot.

Evan Bean said...

I for one have definitely had enough of this heat. I should live somewhere near the ocean where they're lucky to break 80F. Lovely blooms, Grace.

Bec said...

All so beautiful, even if it is hot!

Teresa Hennes said...

That Japanese Forest Grass is so pretty! I saw it at a botanicle garden where they had it on a wall. So beautiful! The frog is adorable. As always I loved looking at your plants!

rebecca said...

Everything looks so lush and green! Our weather has been weird here in NE Indiana. Seems cooler than normal - and wet. Hard to keep up with weeds in between rains!

Anna Maria said...

Love the flowers and the frogs! I don't like this intense June heat either and am wondering what August will be like in Texas...That's usually when I want to move to Hawaii. We needed the rain but got way too much in a short while. The grass and flowers loved it but the floods caused a lot of damage. I do hope it keeps raining in moderation throughout the summer though, we are finally out of the drought we had been in for over five years.

agatek said...

Your garden is beautiful. Yours :)

Beth @ PlantPostings said...

How fun! I hope you'll get a break from the heat soon. We've been in the high 80sF lately, but we'll have a cool down for a few days now. I love summer weather!

Mindy said...

The baby frogs are SO cute!!!! And, of course, I pinned a few of my faves.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gracie girl ! ( I am working on an email !)
Your garden is looking so pretty with such gorgeous plants .. I have a weakness for thalictrum .. such a dainty one you have there.
Fragrant plants are so wonderful to have .. those crazy Schubertii have an amazing scent and the bees with many other pollinators LOVE them !
I adore your tiny frogs ... ever since I was a wee child I have been fascinated by them .. frog song strikes a cord deep in my heart from then and now .. you are very lucky not to have raccoons bothering your pond girl!LOL
Joy : )

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Grace you have inspired me to move my black Heuchera, doesn't show up where I have it.


RobinL said...

I imagine that the heat would be brutal there where it's so humid, and you sure aren't used to it. Our summers are hot and muggy, it's just par for the course. What lovely alstromerias to start the post!