Monday, June 22, 2015

June--Such a Pretty Month

How can you not love the garden in June? The bugs are still relatively small. The plants still have that fresh look. And there is still so much yet to look forward to. I've still got areas that need mulch and there are a few plants that still need to be put in the ground but overall, I can just relax now and enjoy the fruits of my earlier labors. 

This species hardy Orchid Gladiolus blooms happily. I wish the others I've planted were as delightful. 

Orchid Gladiolus

While two of my three daughters and I were at a farm stand looking at strawberries, we found this Portulaca. Such a pretty thing. And although I try to avoid buying too many annuals, this one had to come home with me.

Portulaca oleracea 'Purslane Pazazz  Fuchsia'

All three of my two-plus year old Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising' began blooming on the same day.
They will continue to push out flowers until fall.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Teller Red'
New to me this year, Nasturtium Tropaoleum majus 'Tip Top Alaska Red'
On this one, it's more about the foliage than the flower.

Showy Milkweed Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella'
Can you see the bee?

Stachys lavandulifolia -- the first bloom.

This Penstemon is very happy.
I finally succumbed to purchasing a Digiplexis when I saw this healthy specimen for $7.99. I'm going to keep it in a pot and bring it indoors should the mercury fall below its comfort zone. That's my plan anyway.

Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame'

Silene armeria from seed

Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' successfully wintered-over last year.

Clematis 'Madame Julia Correvon' just keeps pumping out more blooms.

Remember last week when I was all excited about my blooming Ixia? Here is a photo to remind you.

Ixia blossom during the day

Well, look what happens after the sun goes down. The flowers take on a different look as the petals close up.
Ixia blossom after sundown.

Check out the cool stripes on my Ornamental Corn. I purchased the seed here.
Ornamental Striped Corn.

Finally, a few critters. 

My first sighting is a highly controversial critter. People don't like this poor guy because he eats people's plants. Bad. But after his tummy is full, he spins a cocoon and sleeps and then wakes up with wings that go a bazillion miles an hour and has a new name--the Sphinx Moth. A very cool, almost mystical creature of the nighttime garden. 

I've never seen a Tomato Hornworm in my garden but I spotted this guy hanging out at a nursery. And guess what. He was eating a weed. Yes, a stupid, silly weed! Despite having over an acre of lusty, tasty plants to choose from, his preference was a weed growing just off the parking lot. Bless his little green heart. 

Tomato Hornworm
If you ever come across a Tomato Hornworm, please don't kill it. Just move it to a delicious looking weed and carry on. 

Our froglets are getting bigger and stronger. Here is one sleeping on the Calla foliage. Still very tiny.

From a distance...

Close up.
Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?

And finally... a waking Bumblebee on the Lysimachia.

Love this little guy.

I hope you are enjoying your gardens, the flora and the fauna.


  1. I went out early this morning to find a family of snails sleeping on my fluffy pot of moss . I moved them, couldn't bring myself to killing them , they haven't been eating all that much

  2. Since I no longer grow tomatoes, I doubt I'll see any hornworms but the parasitic wasps and birds usually ate them, anyway. Love that clematis. Just beautiful!

  3. Such a happy post! Once again, your pink theme is lovely. ;-) That Ixia, indeed, is magical--particularly whent the petals close. Happy summer, Grace!

  4. Oh, I think I most definitely need some of those Orchid gladiolus - they are wonderful! And the Ixia/Melianthus combo is most definitely a winner, whether open or closed. Your garden looks beautiful, Grace, and I love the critter pictures. Need to figure out how to add a few frogs - so adorable! :)

  5. I just can't get over how tiny those frogs are. So dang cute.
    I love that Orchid Gladiola. And I broke down and bought the Ilumination Flame on Saturday. I couldn't help myself.
    The corn you gave me isn't showing any pink yet, but it's growing like crazy. And I'm anxious for my first flower on the nasturtiums you shared. I love the leaves, too. So many pretties this month, for sure.

  6. I love the Orchid delicate and beautiful. All your plants look lush and healthy as usual. Our Texas heat is already affecting my deck garden but all the perennials and grass are looking very green with the unusual amount of rainfall we have had this year. Beautiful post Grace!

  7. The flora and the fauna in your garden is beautiful. The little frog is wonderful. Greetings from Poland.

  8. I have some nasturtium foliage that looks like that (a surprise). It will be an even better surprise if the flower looks like that too.

  9. I adore the little frogs! I hope the Digiplexis does well for you. I fell prey to good deals on 4 of the plants this year too, even though I had horrible problems with mealy bugs on them last year and gave up on trying to keep them another year. Perhaps others had similar experiences - I've noticed that the plants are coming down in price here as the stock fails to move in the garden centers. I got one large pot of Digiplexis 'Berry Canary' (more pink than 'Illumination Flame' and right up your alley!) marked 50% off on my last binge shopping trip.

  10. I had such a grand time with your pictures this time. So many things I could relate to...where to start? I've never seen a coreopsis that color, so now the search is on. I have that same Hydrangea and what do you bet it will be a stunning wine color by October? (I bought it for that!) I love the foliage on your nasturtium, "Tip Top Alaska Red." It does look just like "The Empress of India" nasturtium without the stunning foliage. And to say I'm jealous of your clematis "Madame Julia Correvon" would be putting mildly! Clearly I don't have my clematis in the right spot. Is it your experience that they can handle late afternoon hot sun, because that could be my problem. I get their watering requirements (no wet feet), but I'm doing something wrong! And your obvious love of your critters is so clear. Yes, that frog is darling! the hornworm, not so much. Could I transfer him to a weed. Ah, yes, I could. The Buddhist in me. Enjoy your many beauties!

  11. superbes images avec une préférence pour la chenille à tomates ;-)
    belle semaine

  12. I have been pursuing a red Coreopsis but haven't found one for sale yet, I'm green with envy. I did try to start some annual ones this year so perhaps those in a pot will bloom. I did get seed also for a red Rudbeckia, 'Cherry Brandy', which has buds, so I'm hoping to appease my desire for red flowers with it, and also a red sunflower. The red Hydrangea is fabulous too. And even a gorgeous red Clematis! I do have a lot of red daylilies and roses though. Sigh. The tiny frogs are so adorable!


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