Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Blush of Fall

No frost here yet so the garden is hanging on. Many perennials are still popping out a few flowers which the hummingbirds enjoy fight over. I took these photos yesterday, November 3rd. 

Passiflora 'Lady Margaret Red'
I'm going to do my best to insulate the roots so it will winter-over.

Fuchsia 'DeBron's Black Cherry'
Little bulbous things!

Fuchsia 'Santa Cruz' (I think)
New this year and a very happy camper.

Fuchsia 'June Bride'
So darn reliable. I love her.

Fuchsia 'Tom Woods'
Another happy camper.

Fuchsia 'Olympics Sunset'
Maybe my favorite hardy fuchsia. It's not easy to pick a favorite.

Fuchsia 'Baby Ann'
Definitely the most floriferous of the bunch.

Begonia fuchsianoidies
My gift from Mindy last May, still going strong.

Clematis 'Venosa Violacea' being coy

Clematis 'Mme Julia Correvon' getting a little bent out of shape

Bacopa and Lohospermum doing the happy dance.

Argyranthemum 'Comet Red' totally outdoing itself!

Argyranthemum 'Comet Red' ... see what I mean?

And even more! Did I over-fertilize it?

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Glowing Embers'
The first year it really lived up to its name.

Acer palmatum 'Ben Hime' starting to blush.

Acer palmatum 'Ben Hime' look at that foliage!

Macleaya cordata or Plume Poppy, a favorite!

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'
Apparently impervious to the end of its growing season.

Darmera peltata
Also scoffing at the time of year.

Hosta 'Great Expectations'
Expecting nothing less that a beautiful finish.

A NOID green Hosta slowly losing its green

Coleus, an impulse purchase, worth every penny.

Clerodendrum bungei
A plant that seems to pop up wherever it feels like it.
Cornus alba 'Argenteovariegata'
Admittedly under-valued by me. 

Colocasia sp. and Geranium palmatum
No blossoms on the Geranium but the foliage almost makes up for it.

Geranium palmatum with burgundy speckles. See what I mean?

Amsonia hubrechtii
Poor plant. I always overcrowd it.

Blueberry 'Chandler'
Everything about this plant is stellar!

Imperata cylindric 'Rubra' Japanese Blood Grass
Finally my clump is getting thick.

Hydrangea quercifolia 'Sike's Dwarf'
So many shades of autumn here.

Hardy Geranium foliage (and weeds)

A tiny baby Sweet Gum seedling! Yes, I'll be taking it out.

Deutzia foliage, even still in its pot it looks lovely.

Melianthus with water spots

More Melianthus just because one photo is never enough.

Hardy Banana foliage--still green!
A plant which relished our hot summer.
 Happy Fall, Ya'all!


  1. I loved seeing your garden still so lush and pretty. We had our first frost this morning. I didn't realize you had such a big banana. It does look happy.

  2. Oh, your lush garden is positively glowing with autumn colors. I bet that you're a big fan with your hummingbirds. I swooned over geranium foliage. So beautiful.

  3. Gosh, you sure have a large collection of Fuchsias! I'm so jealous that you have hummingbirds for such a long portion of the year. I miss my little visitors! No, I don't think you overdid it with the Argyranthemums. ;-)

  4. I don't know what's more amazing - that you still have fuchsias in blooms or that incredible speckeled geranium.

  5. There are beautiful specimens of plants in your garden. Regards :)

  6. My one Fuchsia is the only thing carrying on as if no one told it that winter is on its way. You make a good case for adding more of them.

  7. I still can't get over that banana plant Gracie ... I am so jealous!
    And that stupendous acer ... what gorgeous foliage ... you have os many beautiful foliage plants for the Autumn ... I have enjoyed my Pacific Sunset Maple in the back garden like never before ... finally it is dropping it's leaves but what a show we had for weeks !
    I have loved this Autumn .... one more box of bulbs to plant and I will be almost finished ... phew !!!!
    OOPs ... raking of leaves is a major task too ... hum ... I get tired just thinking of it? haha
    Take care girl !
    Joy : )

  8. Hi Grace! Your "Glowing Embers" just knocks my socks off! This is the first year that I've grown that variety and so the plant is still small, yet I too, was blown away by its gorgeous color. Mine is in a large pot.

    Grace, I have a question: you might remember that we put in a new Acer Palmatum in honor of my little sister who died, it was one that you and I both loved. But--darn the luck--I can't recall the name (I have the flu and my head is spacey.) The reason I'm asking is that the lovely little tree (about 12 feet tall now) is still bright green with new foliage coming! No sign of a red leaf at all, and we chose it for the stunning foliage in the fall. Does this seem normal to you? It looks healthy, but when I saw the delicate foliage in your photograph it reminded me of what our is supposed to be looking like at this point. (It's a variety of Acer with those same delicate leaves....) I suppose this is just another indication of too-warm weather. I know all our maples are stressed. Our "tree consultant" told me he had never seen maples so stressed as they are in Portland this year, putting out volumes and volumes of seed pods to maximize their survival. Any thoughts? I know I would recognize the name if I heard it....

  9. Somehow you've even trained autumn to be pink in your garden! Those fuchsias make me swoon, but I just can't grow them here with our hot, dry summers. Phooey. I just have to give up, but they are so very pretty. You have a lot of interesting foliage plants too, for when the flowers fade. Great job Grace!

  10. Colorful, textured, interesting garden!
    I have a big respect for Fuchsia. It looks so fragile, but it's such a tough plant!

  11. What an interesting garden ^_^
    So colorful, beautiful and really eye catching :)

  12. Hi, Grace!
    what a fuchsia 'Tom Woods', lovely!

  13. Wowee, you have a ton of things still photo worthy! I pinned away, as usual. :)

  14. Thanks Grace for all the pink and red....what a joy to see all your stunning foliage and blooms and especially those fuchsias.

  15. It's great looking at your garden photos and seeing ALL my favorite colors!! LOVE it!


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