Monday, November 16, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I've been making a somewhat half-hearted attempt at organizing umpteen billion photos I took of the garden this year. What's enjoyable about this otherwise mundane process is being able to see all of my favorite plants again. Here are a few newbies that surprised me with how wonderful they were.

I think this is Allium nutans.
It was just green leaves when I bought it at a garden club plant sale
and the tag said it was a dwarf Agapanthus. I was happy to see that bees found it!

Also on the subject of purple, Clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata'
Long-blooming, fragrant, pretty... what's not to love?

Of the new Sedums purchased this year is this beauty.
I think it's Sedum hispanicum. Sedum dasyphyllum 'Himalayan Skies'
I love how it's worming around in this container.

My new Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' made me very happy
even it is still on the small side.

My Colocasia or Elephant Ear tubers took their sweet time leafing out
but wowzers, did they ever look perty once they did!

I've had lots of hardy Lobelia through the years.
This one, purchased last year did really well again this year.

And because the red one did so well, I bought a bunch of pink ones too.
Dang those flowers are gorgeous!

The jury is still out on Oenothera kunthiana 'Glowing Magenta'
only because in the past I always grew it in a container
and it didn't winter over for me. This spring I planted three of them in
different spots in the garden. Hopefully they'll make it
because I love those soft pink flowers.

My Desert Four O'Clocks bloomed happily for me this year.
I've got them in a pot with fast-draining soil so hopefully they can handle the wet winter.

I grew this tender Alternanthera 'Brazillian Red Hots' with a red-flowered NOID hardy Fuchsia.
Gorgeous all summer. I really should go out and dig it up before the cold weather kills it.

I trust you all are enjoying your fall gardens too. 


  1. That Sedum certainly is snazzy and i don't have that one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yet.I am liking that Allium nutans as well

  2. I always enjoy seeing all the beauty that fills your gardens.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  3. Tis the season for basking in our accomplishments. Yours are impressive.

  4. You got some wonderful shots, Grace! I'd love to have that Sedum or that Fatsia sitting in my own garden.

  5. Your flowers look wonderful, the Lobelias are so bright. Most are things I don't grow, so fun to see yours.

  6. I can see why these are favorites Grace....I especially love lobelia....and the 'Rubromarginata'.

  7. Hello Gracie girl !
    I am totally in love with your Spider's Web, an aralia ! but zone 7 dang !LOL
    But that pink lobelia is something else too ... did that have Monet in it's name by any chance ? ... I would love to get one for next year .. I am hooked on pink plants too .. what a disease to have ... BIG sigh !
    All your plants are gorgeous ... mine are now trying to go to sleep .. the weather is too warm and they can't get to the shut eye stage yet.
    Joy : )

  8. Great post! I'll have to try a Sedum tray like that--what a wonderful display with all the stems worming around in the container. Congrats on a beautiful growing season!

  9. I may have to track down that sedum for myself. I'm a big fan of plants that don't need much care!

  10. As usual, beautiful, beautiful, plant choices! The Spider's Web plant is especially lovely.

  11. What a cool review of some of your favorites this season. Love them all but my favorite is the sedum worming around the container.


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