Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Bought Myself a Present

It's not a new car or a spa vacation or anything nearly that elaborate. I bought this little guy.

He was at the grocery store and looked so cute with his little red bow so
I had to bring him home. I don't know his botanical name but that didn't stop me.
He'll get a bigger pot after the holidays so he can get bigger.

This moss on this rock is now thick enough to support a little native sword fern.

Here's another view of the pond from a few weeks ago.
It's now covered with Japanese maple leaves.
Last weekend, my garden buddy Carol and I went to a little country boutique called The Vintage Roost. Customers are required to park on the road and walk down the short gravel drive to the cottage. Along the way we saw this: 

And this:

Don't you love the rusty patina on the bedpost?
And that's all I have for this week. It's been super rainy and windy this week but last Saturday was a perfect day and I got all my bulbs planted. Yippee! Take care, peeps.


  1. That little tree is adorable! But The Moss - how beautiful it is! I love moss!
    Our December is very wet too. You planted all the bulbs? - you are a hero Grace!

  2. I've been thinking of buying some presents for myself, too. Nothing so festive, though, just plants for various projects. I still have crocus bulbs to plant. I dug up most of the bulbs in my driveway island before I redesigned it. Too many crocus! I had half a 5 gallon bucked full. I planted half of that, and now I just feel like I have crocus everywhere and don't want to plant the rest.

  3. Love the cute little tree. I was gifted a rosemary tree that's so dang cute I can hardly stand it.
    That moss is to die for. Gorgeous pic.

  4. What a sweet little tree and it will make a lovely addition to your wonderful gardens. I'm never disappointed when I leave your blog. I've been inspired and a sense of peace fills my heart. Thank you.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  5. You're definitely getting in to the holiday spirit! I hope to follow you in the same direction soon by picking up a tree this week. Yikes - Christmas is just over 2 weeks away!

  6. A friend gave me one of those plants a few years ago for Christmas. I thought it was a fake, it was so pretty. So I immediately allowed it to die. :-(

  7. I love your little tree! She is a beauty. Also, such beautiful Christmas scenes along the lane. I love to walk around the neighborhood and admire what others do.

  8. He looks most sweet Grace and a living tree is simply the best type to choose at this time of year. Hope that he has a long and happy life ahead of him :)

  9. ici aussi l'hiver est arrivé mais juste dans les gelées matinales, le reste du temps il fait gris et sombre, je n'aime pas cette saison difficile
    j'aime beaucoup vos images ;-)
    bonne fin de journée

  10. I saw that same little tree in Trader Joe's, and I almost bought it, mostly because I didn't even put up a Christmas tree this year. Maybe I'd better go back for it!


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