Friday, April 22, 2016

Worth the Wait

Well, it's the middle of April and we've already had two "heatwaves." This is really unprecedented and for the most part, quite nice. Except for the middle of the afternoon when the 80+ degree heat forces me to find shade. And except for the fact that I'm already watering. But who's complaining? At least slugs haven't devoured my dahlias and hostas, knock on wood. 

My garden, if I do say so myself, looks better than ever this year. This is the great thing about gardening. You can learn from your mistakes and make changes that improve things dramatically. It'll never be perfect but it's sure gratifying working towards that end. 

Last year I found two Ragged Robin plants at two different nurseries. One plant is a tall variety, the other a dwarf. Here is the tall variety in bloom. Isn't it exquisite? 

Ragged Robin or Lychnis flos-cuculi

Ragged Robin or Lychnis flos-cuculi

A year ago last March I purchased bare root columbine plants by-the-bag at Costco. They performed really well that spring and this year they look fantastic. They're just starting to bloom. 

Pink Columbine Aquilegia vulgaris plena 'Barlow Pink'

You know me and my pink flowers... I couldn't resist purchasing this little creeping baby's breath a few years ago. I keep it in a pot so I can see the flowers up close. Its main show is in spring but it will put out a few blooms all season. 

Pink Baby's Breath Gypsophila repens 'Rosea'

Saponaria or Soapwort is a common plant. I had it years ago then pulled it out to make room for summer bloomers and now I'm back in love with it. What can I say? I'm fickle.

Soapwort or Saponaria ocymoides 

A few days ago I was chatting with Tammy about plants. She was talking about her recent purchases and mentioned a plant called "Pink Hairy Chervil." I had no clue what it was but when I looked it up I was like, "I have that plant!" I just didn't know its common name. I showed Tammy an inspiring photo (taken by Grace Hensley) of it partnered with a peony.  

Grace Hensley photo, used with permission
Joan Bentley's garden. Paeonia 'Bowl of Beauty'

I don't grow this Peony, but I have tons of Silene in my garden so, heck why not pair the two? Well, mine isn't exactly a match but, not terrible either. 

Silene robotti and Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseus'

Confession: I've never met a Dianthus I didn't love. They're so easy and their blossoms are fragrant and even when they're not in bloom, the foliage is interesting. I had to buy this one when I saw it at a variety store (BiMart) last week. Four-fifty for a gallon pot! 

Dianthus 'Spotty' I think D. plumarius 'Scent of Heaven - Angel of Desire'

This Lychnis is blooming its head off. I've had it forever and while it only blooms in spring, it has tidy, evergreen, low-growing foliage for the rest of the year.

Lychnis viscaria 

Here is a close up of one the flowers. The bees love them.

Lychnis viscaria 

The Weigelas are in bloom!

Weigela florida 'My Monet'

Weigela florida 'Variegata'

And the Geums are happy.

Geum 'Cosmopolitan'

Mostly Geum 'Flames of Passion' but a few 'Cosmopolitan' in the mix

Thanks to a mild winter, last year's seedling bush morning glory, (Convulvulus) is just starting to bloom. 

Convulvulus cneorum in front of variegated Iris

Such a pretty blossom

I purchased this cute Nicotiana from Annie's Annuals. This is it's first blossom. 

Nicotiana alata x sanderae 'Crimson Bedder'

Clematis 'Multi-Blue' is living up to its name.

Clematis 'Multi-Blue'

Thalictrum ichangense 'Evening Star'

All of the spring-blooming hardy Geraniums are happy.

Geranium maculatum 'Espresso' and tiny friend

The first blossom on Geranium x magnificum

Geranium 'Birch Double'

The north end of the garden

South Island Bed

The 'Seiryu' Japanese Maple is really growing this year.

I need to get one more little blue Fescue for this border.

Gardening often requires patience. Here are some cases in point.

I purchased this Anemonopsis two years ago. I was worried it was not going to survive but it's got lots of green this year. I'm pretty sure it's going to bloom for me. Stay tuned. How's yours doing, Mindy

Anemonopsis macrophylla with Phlox glaberrima ssp. triflora 'Triple Play'

And my Lobelia tupa, also purchased two years ago, grew last year but didn't bloom. Look at it now! I counted nine stems! Hopefully we'll see red flowers in July and August.

Lobelia tupa

And finally, last year I sowed Geranium palmatum seeds. They germinated readily and the plants grew nicely but didn't flower. Thanks again to the mild winter, they stayed alive and evergreen. Isn't the foliage nice?

Geranium palmatum

And now, I'm proud to announce, there are flower buds. I'm excited. Stay tuned.

Geranium palmatum flower buds!

What plants are you waiting to see bloom?


  1. WOW!!!!!! I always enjoy seeing your pink flowering gardens. I'm sitting here smiling, feeling like I've just taken a nice relaxing stroll with you. Such a delight!

    Love and hugs to you dear heart ~ FlowerLady

  2. Gracie girl ... I was just on my way to bed so this comment is short but WOWZZERS !! I won't say you are way ahead of us because you are in a different zone so that is too pitiful to say .. I love all your PINKNESS !! and that Anemonopsis is going to look gorgeous along with all the other blooms.
    Garden on Girl !! I am cleaning up garden beds still .. I have those bareroot clematis from Costco to plant so fingers crossed I have good luck too !
    Pretty Pretty garden !
    Joy : )

  3. Loved, loved, loved seeing your garden. Love the found objects and flower combinations! Happy Spring.

  4. The 80F heatwaves don't seem to have harmed your garden at all. In fact, it looks as though it's going into hyper-drive. Are all those flowers normally spring bloomers, or are there some early summer bloomers in the mix too? We've been hit by another heatwave too (finally abating now) and, while I'm seeing the start of some premature summer blooms, the heat has also fried some spring blooms, but then our peak temperatures exceeded 90F last week.

  5. I've had Anemonopsis in my shade garden for a few years , it's way back under the Rhody , I must have been worried about it getting hit by the summer sun. It's blooms every year , I have to crawl under to get a look though. It does suffer in the heat of the summer months , so I give it a cooling shower from the hose !

  6. Grace, I really enjoy looking at your garden. Your assortment of plants is so different from ours in Central Texas. Occasionally you have some in the same family, but they look so foreign. I appreciate you taking me up on my suggestion that you give us more pictures of the garden beds from further away. Or maybe it just seems you acted on the comment. Either way, I like seeing what you do with your garden decor, which I can't see when you take closeups of the flowers. You give me many ideas.

  7. I love your garden so much, Grace. It always looks beautiful and invites one to stroll along oohing and aching and saying, "Oh look! Isn't that wonderful?" I also really appreciate the plant names with the pictures.

  8. Dear Grace! hi lady. I've been mia_ weeding, weeding, mulching... did I say weeding. Germination, potting, re-potting, fertilizing... and that heat_ too much too soon (although now I feel better with the rain.) :) The hoop is filled to the brim and tomatoes are setting blossoms already because of that earlier weather.

    Your garden photos_ stunning as ever, and love the foliage on that Lobelia tupa. Hope all is well.

  9. Hello
    I am always appreciative of the specimens in your beautiful garden
    thank you for sharing these beautiful
    See you soon

  10. There's a plant called Ragged Robin? I need that, don't you think?

  11. Woo hoo for hairy chervil! I can hardly wait to see it in bloom! I have 'Triple Play' phlox, too. I'm excited to see it do it's thing this year. I also have the same persicaria. Everything in your garden looks wonderful!

  12. Beautiful! Is the Multi-Blue clematis a vigorous one? Suitable for a tall archway. It is stunning.


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