Monday, May 2, 2016

May Bloomers

This time of year is so delightful in the garden. There are lots of photos so I'm going to keep my words to a minimum. 

Clematis 'Ernest Markham'

New this year (on sale!) Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel'
In my opinion, it has much better better coloring than C. 'Nelly Moser'.

This is Linaria triomithophora or Giant Toadflax.
There has been some discussion on FB regarding its resurgence.
Annie's Annuals sells it
but I was honored to receive a clump from my friend Diana. I love it! 

The purple flowers bloom up the stem. Even before they bloom, the buds are interesting.

Pink Sea Thrift (Armeria maritima rubifolia) and Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis)

Variegated Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum 'Harlequin')

Weigela florida 'Variegata' is intensely fragrant on warm days.

And the bees love the flowers.

The first little blossom on Rosa 'Jeanne LaJoie'

Camas Camassia qualmash

Looking down...

Meadow Rue (Thalictrum aquilegifolium)

Painted Daisy (Tanacetum cocineum)

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty' Flower and buds

Dwarf Buckeye (Aesculus pavia) in flower

Geranium 'Elke' 

First flower bud on Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue'

Here it is in full bloom! So fragrant.

Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum

Euphorbia stygiana, purchased in the spring of 2014. It's now over five feet tall.

Here is a photo of the Euphorbia's flower. Not much to look at but, oooh, the fragrance!
The delicious, honey fragrance is far-reaching and stops me in my tracks.

Silene...blooming all over my garden right now.

It goes to seed everywhere but I don't mind.

Variegated Silene ~ Silene dioca 'Clifford Moor' has been in this pot for several years.
After experimenting, and finding every other situation unsatisfactory, I found that
growing it in a pot is the best option.
Even after the blooms quit, the foliage looks nice. 

Has anyone else been dealing with spittle bugs?

I wanted to show you a comparison. On the left is Mukdenia rossii 'Crimson Fans'.
On the right, Mukdenia rossii 'Karasuba'. Notice the drastic difference in leaf texture.
In my opinion, stick with 'Crimson Fans.'

The main reason I bought this Hellebore was for the fantastic leaves.
Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Ruby Glow'

Last week we had a hail storm. Check out the damage on my Edgeworthia chrysantha...

... and my Tetrapanax.

Does your Tetrapanax do this? Drop its smaller, outer leaves? It almost looks like a crime scene.

Stachys lavanduifolia is starting to bloom.

Hosta 'Pineapple Upside Down Cake' finally found a home
under my Sobaria. Now if the slugs will stay away...

Loving the bluish foliage on the Rosa glauca above the Lychnis viscaria.

The super-easy to grow and very long blooming Geranium pyrenaicum 'Summer Sky'
does a great job mingling in among the shade-lovers.

After going into shock from being moved from shade to sun a few years ago,
my Carpenteria californica is finally going to bloom.

My daughter's boyfriend brought us this bird's nest that had fallen to the ground.
I put it in this basket and added three green rocks. 


  1. I also have Silene flowering and self-sowing all over my garden. I never remember to deadhead it before it drops its seeds. My Tetrapanax drops little leaves like that too. I didn't realize there is a Euphorbia that doesn't smell like skunk.

  2. Oh my gosh, as always I am blown away by all the beauty and diversity in your gardens.

    Love your Rhapsody in Blue rose.

    Happy Gardening dear Grace and have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  3. So much pretty pinkness ... and some purple and green loveliness, too. I love your garden in every season!

  4. Despite the hail, your garden looks splendid! I've put that Linaria on my Annie's order list. I wish I could grow Weigela - it always tugs at my heartstrings. As for the spittle bugs, they're here too - to my knowledge, they cause no problems but yuck!

  5. Your garden is wonderful. Best wishes :)

  6. Yummy blooms much color. Waiting for warmer weather to kick more blooms into flower. And I hope my variegated honeysuckle comes back this year after moving it last year.

  7. May certainly is a great time in the garden and yours is really living up to expectations!

  8. Swoon! I'm about to faint from all those lovelies! The clematis especially...

  9. Beeyoutifull!! My silene is a bit unhappy with our crazy , endless rain but still blooming anyway. Love those green rocks! :o)

  10. Hello, Grace! I love the photo of the giant toadflax :)

  11. My Tetrapanax does the same thing. Beautiful blooms! Isn't may grand. That leaf damage... oh hail no! Sorry.


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