Monday, December 12, 2016

Believe It or Not

Here it is, the middle of December. Despite an ice storm last week, I've still got a few flowers hanging on. Granted the temperatures didn't drop that low, just barely enough to freeze the pouring rain onto bare tree branches. But it was interesting. 

The following day, it melted and my plants are no worse for the wear. However, we have more cold weather coming later this week. Boo!

Here's what's going on. 

The final flower on this Rehmannia (Chinese Foxglove) is looking a bit tattered. Oh I forgot to mention that we had hail yesterday too. 

Rehmannia elata

This Geranium flower is also a bit tattered. I wonder if the bud will bloom before the cold snap.

Geranium 'Jolly Bee'

Despite the weather, I still have two summer-blooming Clematis hanging on. The C. Venosa Violacea typically has much more purple but this one is pretty, I think.

Clematis 'Venosa Violacea'

I bought this C. florida sieboldii in September. It had buds so I let it bloom and it just keeps on. 

Older bloom of Clematis florida sieboldii

Newer blooms of Clematis florida sieboldii

I purchased this dainty small-flowered rose bush last summer. It's been in bloom nonstop since then. The flowers are dime-sized in diameter--tiny and sweet. I've got it under the protection of my patio roof. 

NOID  Rosebush

Fuchsia 'Olympics Sunset'

My Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox) shrub is loaded with buds! A few flowers have opened early but oh boy do I have a fragrant fest in my near future. 
Chimonanthus praecox

I was a little lax in getting my slug bait down, as evidenced by this poor Hellebore. But, it has buds!

Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Ruby Glow'

More buds!

Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Ruby Glow'

But more importantly, the foliage, look at the foliage!

Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Ruby Glow' foliage

My green-leaved Daphne odora has buds too!

Daphne odora

And check out the tiny flowers on this Heather.

Erica carnea 'December Red'

 And tons of buds on this Viburnum.

Viburnum bodnantense 'Dawn'

Check out the reluctant buds on my Tetrapanax. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the cold weather. I hope they'll bloom so the winter bees and hummers can have a treat.
Tetrapanax papyfifera 'Steroidal Giant'

My daylilies are really messed up. Look at the buds! This must be the result of a warm fall.
Hemerocallis 'Coming Up Roses'

Hemerocallis 'Final Touch'

I'm thrilled that last summer I got myself an evergreen Maidenhair fern. I'm going to keep it in its pot under the patio for this year. Then plant it out next spring. 

Adiantum venusum Himalayan Maidenhair Fern

The Beesia is blushing...
Beesia deltophylla

Although surrounded by dying deciduous neighbors, my Schefflera looks happy.

Schefflera delavayi

I'm in love with this Farfugium. Look at those leaves! 

Farfugium japonicum 'Crispatum'

And this Fatsia:

Fatsia japonicum 'Spider's Web'

Here you can see what the 32 °F did to my hardy banana.

Musa basjoo ~~ Before

Musa basjoo ~~ After

Finally, a photo of my patio pond. There is a large Japanese maple that drops a ton of leaves here. I was finally able to get out and gather them. Now I can look outside and not be nagged by that mess.

Patio pond
I hope you're enjoying your garden. 


  1. Wow, another wonderful post of all the glorious beauty you have growing there in your gardens. I love it all.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a delightful surprise! Flowers in December and you've got some beauties! I'm not excited about the predicted cold weather but am grateful for the mild, if wet, autumn we had. I'm ready for spring now.

  3. Wow Grace, your garden is still looking terrific, despite last week! And more blooms on your C. florida sieboldii? That's crazy.

  4. Your beautiful garden is still abundant with photo ops. Fortunately we didn't get the expected freeze last week, just low 30's that made some of the leaves droop a while but they came back. It's just a matter of time, I'm sure.

  5. Clearing out all the leaves from the pond area couldn't have been an easy job, especially under your recent weather conditions - congratulations! I love that yellow-flowered Clematis.

  6. I am always in awe of your garden and all you have planted. It's so interesting to follow your blog and see what's going on in your garden. thanks!

  7. Wow, Grace! You have quite a few blooms for this time of year! And lots of lovely foliage, as well. It would be amazing if your Tetrapanax managed to bloom!

  8. Oh gosh, I am so jealous of your blooms and foliage -- but very happy for you! My garden is now bitterly cold and dormant for the season. Love the Chinese Foxglove!

  9. Impressive! The Farfugium takes the cake.

  10. Love those Clematis!!!! The snow is coming down fast and furious in Portland as I type. I'd be much happier if the hubs was at home, and not stuck on the road in the traffic nightmare coming home from Ashland. Gah, it's anxiety inducing. It's pretty, when everyone is safe on the couch.

  11. Hello Gracie girl !
    I am in love with your clematis (and most of your other plants too of course!)I want that clematis florida sieboldii ? it is awesome!
    AND .. the maiden hair fern .. I have one but yours looks far more dainty so I want that one too ! haha Too bad Santa just does toys ... we need him to drop off plants for us gardeners ! haha
    We are going into a bit of a deep freeze .. tonight with windchill it will dip to -26 ... my rosemary in it's pot is still hanging on but I don't know if it will survive this cold snap.
    It is wonderful to see live plants and flowers from your garden : )
    The banana plant is such a great dramatic feature in your garden .. even when it is drooping .. poor thing.
    Yes girl email !!! haha
    Take care
    Joy : )

  12. You have lots of blooms and I can't detect any of the recent harsh weather from your photos. How is everything after yesterday? I noticed our hummingbird feeders froze last night for the first time.

  13. No, we don't enjoy our gardens in Ohio in December! We have snow and ice, and that's about it. I always marvel at how different our climates are. I don't recognize half the flowers that you are able to grow there!

  14. Wow, looking good, even after the nasty storm.
    I hope our new owners appreciate the clematis florida sieboldii we left for them! I left a long two page explanation of how we cared for our garden and pond, along with my email address. Never heard from them. Hope they haven't let those huge koi die in the pond. Oh well. I tried.
    Happy Holidays, Grace!


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