Monday, January 16, 2017

Craving Green

Hi Peeps. Am I the only one craving green right now? I am pretty sure we're all missing our gardens, all the more so thanks to our seriously nasty winter. Cold, cold, cold! 

I took these photos before the January weather assault. Mostly they're just moss but I love moss. It's green and it doesn't ask anything of me. 

Cyclamen hederifolium

The continuing twenty-something temperatures (F) have stalled the winter bloomers. But there is hope.

Sarcococca ruscifolia

Daphne odora 'Marianni'

Galanthus nivalis

We're getting closer to spring. Hallelujah! 


  1. Are we really getting close to spring? Haha, I think I will feel more so after February. Love those moss pictures!

  2. Moss is the BEST. Thank you for the shot of green, Grace!!

  3. Thanks for the nice dose of green, perfect for this time of year. Spring gets closer every day!

  4. Love the different textures and shapes of your moss Grace! I'm sure you are looking forward to Spring and your beautiful garden enmeshed in color once again. I am...though my Texas winter annuals are doing well...the pansies, dianthus, viola,....and some petunias and snapdragons I did bring in during our hard freeze. My hyacinths and tulips are also coming and that does give me hope spring will follow soon.

  5. I must confess to enjoying the white...not that your greens fail to give me a lift.

  6. I've heard that moss is a sign of the health of the environment. Once the cold abates, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful spring.

  7. I'd say you have quite a bit of green to carry you through the winter!

  8. I miss the green, too. I surround myself with potted flowers now. I miss the spring. Greetings and welcome to me.

  9. Hello Gracie girl !
    I am a moss freak too, haha ... have bits and pieces around here with lots of other goodies on my aging drift wood but no mushrooms as you have ... I am very jealous ! haha
    It is not winter here ... it is a Climate Change episode with rain and fog .. so unnatural it gives me the creeps .. but we have so much more to get through yet ...I will have to hold one and see what happens ... so hang in there too girl, it won't be long for you !
    Good luck with the "creature" and his side kick in office .. I feel a sense of forboding for your poor country .. it is going to be a rough ride so hang in for that too ? LOL

  10. I love winter, and I love the winter feeling that moss gives! It reminds me of being a kid in my grandparents garden. Thanks for sharing!


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