Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's Faunas' Turn

January is the month that I'm too embarrassed to post photos of my pathetic garden. The rest of the year I can employ my cropping tool and give the illusion of a perfect garden but in January even that much can't be accomplished. So, I'm trying to get creative, focus on the fauna instead of the flora for a few minutes. 

A week ago my hubby, one of one of my daughters and I hiked along the trails of Talking Water Gardens, a  wild life and water reclamation area located at the edge of our fair city.  

I fully admit, I'm not a fancy photographer, especially of wildlife. But I got lucky on this day. First this heron sat along one of the ponds, just begging to be photographed.  

Then, farther on, another pond with First Heron's sibling, with an outstretched neck. 

And farther down one of the paths, we spotted this snowy egret standing proudly with pristine feathers contrasting his tawny surroundings. 

Unfortunately, as we inched closer, we spooked him. While he took flight, I snapped photos, pretty sure they'd all be blurry has heck. But much to my surprise, this one turned out halfway okay. 

Okay back to gardening.


  1. What a lovely place to visit and you got some GREAT photos! Thanks for sharing this outing you enjoyed.


  2. you came up with a great diversion..thanks for sharing it.

  3. Handsome birds! You do much better than I do in capturing them in photos.

  4. Hello Grace,
    Winter is always a difficult time for the garden

    The sun will soon return
    Good journey

  5. I've always loved herons. Great pics.

  6. I miss the wetland walks I used to take when I lived in Columbia County. I mean...that's about all I miss about Columbia County but gosh, the wetlands a long the Columbia River were spectacular. This is the best time of year for those's not a time to fuss in the garden but to just get out and enjoy nature. Perfectly captured Grace!

  7. I agree, bird watching is a great way to spend winter days when the garden is dormant. Great pictures!

  8. Charming birds to substitute for our faded winter gardens!


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