Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's the Little Things

Here it is, early March and it's snowing--again--today. It isn't cold enough to stick but the blustery winds have made any kind of outdoor activity unpleasant. I got a few things done before giving up and retreating indoors. 

On Friday afternoon, my sister Laura and I met fellow gardener Gail Barnard who had convinced us to take in garden guru Mike Darcy's annual Plant Nerd Night. I've heard about Plant Nerd Night for years but living over an hour away, I had never attended. Neither had Laura. But the venue isn't far from Gail's home so she is a regular attendee. She let us know what to expect and it was fun to meet her in person and see other gardening peeps I correspond with regularly on Facebook and through my blog. 

You can read about Plant Nerd Night here.  

The speakers, owners of nearby nurseries, were entertaining and educational. But the crowds were daunting and it was difficult to see the plants they were offering for sale. Thankfully I'm not nearly as plant-obsessed this year so I was fine with a few glimpses of things. After the show, I was able to purchase one plant on my wish list--this little woodland beauty from Far Reaches Farm

Soldanella carpatica 'Alba'
My plant is going into a container.

Afterwards, Laura and I drove back to her home in Woodburn. In the morning we visited two local nurseries in her area. First, was Bauman Farms where I was inspired to take photos.

Before stepping in to the warm greenhouse, we had to inhale the luxurious perfume of this hyacinth. 

The pink one, of course.

Check out these bright and happy tulips we spotted right inside the door.

There were lots of early bloomers in the greenhouse, along with a huge assortment of garden art displays. Like this one:

Kindness really does matter, doesn't it?

Lots of checkered Fritillaria meleagris ready to take home and plant.

We were both drawn to the succulents. The displays were really inspiring!

This cement urn must have been about two feet wide.

It was filled with mostly tender succulents so not exactly practical for the gardener who
would be needing to take it indoors for the winter. But perfect right here.

These 'Coral Reef' Sedum looked way better than mine at home.

These little things are always so cute. I don't know why I don't try my hand at making one.

This tender container was really well done, especially the Agave  Echeveria.
I'm not real smart with my succulent knowledge.

The tag said, Echeveria nodulosa. At only $4 it was tempting.
 And then there was this behemoth:

I should have put a coin on one of the leaves for perspective on how yuge it was!
Believe me, it was yuge! Okay enough of that.

Another cute mossy purse.

So chartreuse!

Another indoor container.

Mindy, I can't look at a Lewisia without thinking of you.

 These uniquely formed primulas were pretty. Laura picked one up, but put it back.

Frilly and fun!

Equally frilly were these Cyclamen.
More wanderings...

These succulent wall containers seem to be all the rage now.
I am not there yet.

I also don't really do glass in my rustic garden but this piece caught my eye.
It's a solar light.

Very showy, wouldn't you say?

 And finally, the piece de resistance. Are you wondering what it might be? Here you go:

I fell in love with this tiny-leaved burgundy and green, "Limerick Clover." 

We saw the burgundy-leaved clover, called 'Isabella' by the front of the store. In the back we saw this one too:
Trifolium rubens 'Dragon's Blood'

Decisions, decisions. I loved them both. What's a girl gonna do?

Fortunately one of the containers had both plants growing together so I got it!
Hardy to Zone 4!

Yes. It's the little things. Or at least it was on this journey. Later at Al's Garden Center, (I didn't take any photos) my sister gave me a $5 off coupon, so I bought another 3 gallon 'Chandler' Blueberry and another one gallon Azara microphylla to replace the big one I had years ago until the winter cold did it in. Then, after my sister and I bid our farewells, I drove home, unloaded my loot and took a nap. 

Have you purchased any plants yet?


  1. I know I don't have to answer that question about purchasing plants. You know I have!

    Was this your first visit to Bauman? I love them, there is always something I have to have when I visit and usually for a great price. So glad you found a treasure at Nerd Night!

  2. Love, love, love all the succulent planters. Especially that first one.
    I do not have even an inkling of plant lust yet. I don't know if its the weather, impending move, or a combo of both.

  3. Wow, what a great time you had. Love the sweet little plant you bought. Loved the frog 'kindness matters' and the beautiful glass solar lights.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your succulents are well-priced by comparison to those down here. I love all those interesting clovers. Sorry to hear about the snow.

  5. What can I say Gracie girl ... I am SO jealous !! .. we are in the midst of a two day winter storm with pile ups on the highway ... it is awful and I am beginning to thin Spring is never coming.
    I love that adorable soldanella carpatica .. darn cute and it might survive my zone ? .. but I have never seen it offered here or on line .. darn !!
    The garden art pieces and sedums ... gorgeous .. plus the Limerick clover which is perfect for St. Paddy's Day of course .. to actually visit garden centers and nurseries ... I so WISH !!!
    Take care
    Joy : )

  6. I think your friend made a big mistake putting back that gorgeous primrose! I just don't see those around here very often, only the flattened grocery store type. But don't get my wrong, I do buy and plant those. I do like succulents too, because they don't need much water, and I'm bad at watering!

  7. Where do I start? The Carpathian Snowbell is nifty--I wasn't familiar with that plant. I LOVE the bright, striped tulips! And the succulent containers. Wow! Thanks for taking us along on this outing!

  8. The tulips and frog are the classic symbols that spring has finally sprung!

  9. Swell succulents and sweet blooms. A plant or two may have followed me home already this year.


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