Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sloppy, Soggy, Soupy and Saturated, Part II

Rain. It's just more and more rain. I am reusing a title I first used last March. The deliberate alliteration seems even more apropos this year. 

Before I show a few photos, I have a have to tell you what happened yesterday. 

I was puttering on the patio, when I heard something on the roof. My first thought was cat, but we don't have any outdoor cats anymore. My second thought was squirrel of which there are many. So I tiptoed over to the edge of the patio for a glimpse. As I looked up, I saw--a heron! And when he saw me, he couldn't have flapped his wings any faster. I'm not sure who was more shocked. I certainly didn't expect to see something that ginormous and I don't think he expected to see me interrupt his pond surveillance. Whew!

Plants are really taking their time breaking dormancy but slowly I'm seeing signs of life. The Star Magnolia is awake and blooming. 

Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'

Looking up during a brief period of blue sky.

Little Violas reseed everywhere. This pale-flowered one is blooming below my dwarf palm.

I bought this little dwarf Salix (willow) it an informal plant sale two years ago. I love how fuzzy the leaves are when it leafs out.

Salix nakamurana var. yezoalpina

And check out the fuzzy catkins too.

Salix nakamurana var. yezoalpina

The purple and yellow Polygala is now blooming beside its partner in crime, the yellow one.

Polygala chamaebuxus 'Kaminski'

Polygala chamaebuxus 'Kaminski'

I'm really happy to see this 'Morello Cherry' Lupine come back. Last year I passed up the cheaper four-inch pots for this thickly rooted one gallon. What a difference! Look how happy it is. And yes, I've been diligent with the slug bait.

Lupinus x 'Morello Cherry'

Speaking of slugs and slug bait, um yes. 'Britt-Marie Crawford' Ligularia is also being watched closely. 

Ligularia dentata 'Britt-Marie Crawford'

This sweet little Korean Violet was a hitchhiker on my Ledbouria cooperi which pretty much died after the unkind winter of 2013-14. Like the aforementioned Viola, it too reseeds all over the place. But I don't mind. Those tiny, variegated leaves are really cute.

Viola koreana 

Last summer, I got this cute Lychnis offered by Far Reaches Farm. I was able to propagate it. One plant is in the ground, this one stayed in my little greenhouse where it grew and is blooming! 

Lychnis flos-cuculi 'Petite Jenny'


This cute variegated Sedum is also looking good despite the rain.

Sedum ‘Winky’ 

Finally, we noticed a visitor sleeping on the heat mat in the little greenhouse. I'm sure he found some aphids to eat while he was there.


  1. Nice treasures you have in your wet garden. Ligularia went off my wish list when i learned it would be snail food. Something chews up my violets also but i still want to grow that Viola koreana. Sedum 'winky' is also going on the wish list. Hope you get to dry out soon. I am pleased with continued wet and cool here in southern oregon. I can rip up plants and transplant with abandon and they are not suffering.

  2. A heron and a frog (or is it a toad?) in the same week! That's pretty remarkable in my book. Your garden is waking up. I hope the deluge comes to a halt soon. We could use a little more of that rain down here - it's too bad that Mother Nature doesn't take requests.

  3. How exciting and wonderful to see all of the lovelies coming to life in your gardens this spring.

    Enjoy & happy spring ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your garden is already in the pink, despite the rain. Hoping you have a lovely spring....soon!

  5. Oh your 'Britt-Marie Crawford' looks so good! Stupid slugs and snails.

  6. Now you're way ahead of us. We have very few things blooming yet--mostly early spring bulbs. But all the Daffodils and Tulips (and some perennials) are pregnant with preparation. Next week the weather will be milder and I imagine things will really start to happen then. We've had some rain, too, and many gray days. It makes the sunny, bright days so special! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms. And that dwarf willow is so sweet!

  7. Nice alliteration, my literary friend...well worth a reprise. I look forward to your wordcraft as much as your lovely photos.

  8. Wow! your plants are lovely!I love the star magnolia and the Polygala.
    Well I'll be surprised if a heron would visit my garden too.;)

  9. I just love to see toads in my garden! Although he may have been lunch for your heron. Eek! We have herons in our neighborhood, and I've seen them on neighboring roofs, so I'm sure they are on mine from time to time. But my little galvanized tub pond would be too small to attract their attention. Besides, my 10 cent goldfish would be no great loss. ha ha ha


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