Friday, November 9, 2018

First Frost

Last night was the official first frost in my 'hood. The thermometer mounted on a post in my covered patio recorded this:

It must have not have lasted very long because most plants are still alive and doing fine. I'll show you what I mean.

Clematis stalwarts: the florida species seem to prefer the cooler weather. This is the second year they've waited until fall to produce their second flush of blooms. The first being in spring.

Clematis florida 'Sieboldiana'

Clematis florida 'Alba Plena'

Diana, the blooming machine.
Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana'

Winter blooming Clematis cirrhosa 'Freckles'


Cyclamen hederafolium snuggling up to some fun rocks.

This Abutilon loves the cooler weather.


I was pleasantly surprised to see one last blossom on this dwarf dahlia.

 But the overnight low temperature was unkind.

 Something similar happened with my Impatiens tinctoria. I was so happy to finally see its first big fat bud. 
Impatiens tinctoria
 But the frost had other ideas. Poor thing.

I think the plant is toast.

 It looks like the frost may not have hurt the Alstroemerias--another blooming machine.

Alstroemeria 'Tricolor'

Some of my fuchsias are still putting out flowers.

Fuchsia 'Beacon Rose'
Fuchsia NOID

Fuchsia 'Steel 'n' Stars'

I am so happy with my two Correa plants. They've been blooming since September and they should go clear through February if ... well, you know the drill. I'll be watching the weather and I have my blankets ready if it gets too cold. I'm hoping the hummingbirds will find the flowers.

Correa 'Dusky Bells' backlit by sunshine

Correa 'Dusky Bells'
 One more photo:

Correa 'Dusky Bells'

Correa alba 'Ivory Bells' is not quite as showy as 'Dusky Bells' but the leaves are nicer so it's all good. Check it out.

Correa alba 'Ivory Bells'

This gorgeous scabiosa is still blooming. I see varying reports of winter hardiness. I hope it survives because I've got an Alstroemeria with similarly colored flowers I want to plant near it after I move the Echinacea that are in that spot now. 

Scabiosa 'Gelato Blueberry'

 This Argyranthemum is still blooming. It took a break during July's heatwave.

Argyranthemum frutescens 'Madeira Crested Merlot'

Chocolate Cosmos, the only chocolate I allow myself anymore.

Cosmos atrosanguineus

I'm happy to see my Schefflera blooming. It's the first time in its three year history in my garden so I'm a bit obsessed.

Schefflera delavayi

Come on bees. Wakey, wakey... there's nectar for you!

There are a few fragrant flowers on this daphne.  

 Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance'd

And speaking of fragrance. Check out what I think will be the last flower on my gardenia.

Gardenia 'Frostproof'

Salvia 'Hot Lips'

I have been pleasantly surprised with how long my Cirsium has been in bloom. I thought after June it would be done. But here are more flowers trying their darnedest to bloom.

Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum'

Ditto for the long-blooming Lewisia.

Lewisia 'Elise'

 The last of the raspberries... They were so delicious. What a bumper year for these jewels.

I bought some paperwhites to force. I'm hoping they'll be blooming on Thanskgiving. Do you think they'll be ready in two weeks? 

Finally I wanted to show you my little garden buddy. One of our resident Annas hummingbirds. S/he posed for me today.

I sure hope those fluffly feathers are keeping you warm, little buddy.

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  1. Great post and thanks for sharing. I wasn't familiar with the Correa, I'll look into it

  2. Another wonderful post full of gorgeous blooms from your gardens. Always a treat to see. The photos of your garden visitor put a smile on my face and was a great ending to your post.

    Happy November dear Grace ~ FlowerLady

  3. Brrrrrr! We had our first frost towards the end of October Grace which was earlier than usual. Most autumns we make it to November without frost. I love your little cyclamen peeping out of the rocks. What type of bird is your garden buddy? I'm not familiar with that little beauty.

    1. I'm sorry. It's an Annas hummingbird. She and her family are year round garden residents.

  4. Despite traces of damage, it looks as though winter is moving in stealthily rather than in a flurry (no pun intended). I hope you have ample opportunity to enjoy your beautiful blooms for awhile longer yet. The clematis are beautiful. I just planted my 5th Correa - they're great plants and, luckily for me, quite drought tolerant, although I noticed that mine aren't blooming as prolifically as yours!

  5. I'm wondering, how do you overwinter your hens and chicks?

    1. Hens and chicks are winter hardy here in my Zone 8b garden. In fact they're hardy down to Zone 6. It's not the cold that can kill them here. It's not having them planted in well-draining soil. The excess water is what kills them.

  6. Oh all so beautiful. Love the color of your hummingbird. I never seen one that color before. Our first frost is coming soon here. It was 37 last night.

  7. 17 night before last. pufff down they come.

  8. We had a slight frost that night too and even bigger one last night. I haven't been out yet to see what is going on. Today I am getting the containers in the garage.

  9. Oh, you're so lucky to have hummingbirds around year-round! I'm so jealous! It looks like most of your plants are doing just fine, in spite of the frost. Is this early for you?

  10. Gorgeous. I want each and every one of those Clematis. And here I thought they weren't on my lust list. Thx, Gracie.


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