Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Change of Heart

For those of you who are regular visitors, there is no doubt you're aware of my reluctance towards autumn. You've patiently read my incessant bemoaning; my carrying on ad nauseum; whining and bitching like life was really handing me a bitter pill.

The last cluster on my Carpet Rose
Which is absolutely ridiculous. No bitter pills here.

One of my Fuchsias. They're all still looking really swell. 
It's not so much fall itself I was protesting. It was saying goodbye to summer. Witnessing the long, sun-filled days and evenings come to and end and with it, the decline of my summer garden. I know I'm not alone either because many of you have written of the same reluctance. 

Another Fuchsia. I don't know the names of most of them. 
Well, I confess that, finally, here in late October, my attitude has adjusted favorably. Finally. 


Yet another Fuchsia. See I told you they look good!

I suppose it's the allure of the blushing trees, the soft glow of the sunlight, the cooler temperatures, orange scatterings dancing across the road; russets, reds and golds illuminated by a cloudless blue.  How can you not love that? 

Geranium 'Patricia' leaning into the pathway 
 Foggy mornings, the smell of wood smoke... you get the picture.

Geranium 'Jolly Bee' making a serious attempt at defying fall. 
 Yes, autumn is very enjoyable right now.

Cyclamen growing in an obscure place
The temperatures have been very pleasant lately. I'm still behind on garden work but didn't let that deter me from snapping photos earlier today.

The plight of the garden...pretty things among the "ruins." 
Granted, there is lots of chaos but treasures can still be found.


Echium tuberculatum is still blooming like crazy. 

Lespedeza thunbergii just finishing up

Canna 'Tropicana' still looking decent

Anemone, alive and thriving

Blushing Hydrangea blossoms

The last few raspberries

The last few blueberries
I still have a few goodies left in the garden. The berries are just finishing up. I got a nice handful of both raspberries and blueberries. Tasty! 

The tomatoes were tasty too. 
The last of the tomatoes
The last of the cherry tomatoes

My neighbors have a politically incorrect Ivy vine. Whether they are aware of Ivy's propensity to smother trees or not, I don't know. I'm thinking not since they're allowing it to climb the fence and basically take over. 

Check out the little sputniks on the left. They are the flowers of the Ivy. This photo is but one small representation of a huge mass of blooms right now. The sound of the honeybees is what alerted me to them. Not much to look at, they sure make the bees happy. So I guess Ivy does have one redeeming quality. Who'd a thunk?
A small toadstool growing in the pathway rocks
 I thought I'd leave you with one final lilliputian treasure. Cute, isn't it?

What do you think of my new header photo? This and the new one on Subplots By Grace, my other blog, are the fruit of my Saturday, sitting on my arse. I've got a new post over there too, if you've got a minute. Thanks for your kind comments!  


  1. I'm getting in more of an accepting mood lately too, starting to get more into gardening again. You still have quite a lot more flowers left than I do. Love your new header photo.

  2. I love your header, you have done a great job of it, beautiful colors.

    I am not reluctant to see Autumn, it's her cousin Winter I dread seeing....but then the sister Spring will visit again, and Summer comes along for the ride, so I guess we can't complain.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Hiya Grace.
    Wanted to say I love the new header have a good eye for color and combinations (think I may copy this one). I can always tell I'm looking at your blog with out even knowing it's you....I guess I can tell by your pics, is that weird or what? Anyways love your blog and pics!

  4. No way will I go into the Midwestern Autumn quietly. I don't know much about your weather, but ours gets awful. Autumn is just the beginning of this terrible season!
    I loved your old header, I told you I had always thought it looked like a much larger garden. But your new one looks great, too, with the maroon accent and the barberry..!

  5. You do have a lot of blooms! Wow! So many of mine have gone away until next year.

  6. What beautiful photos from your garden even at this late date. I wish we had a bit of respite from gardening, but alas, it is a 365 day happening. Summers are horrible down here for gardening, and we're just now coming into the wonderful time of gardening and it feels great. I hope to get a lot done these next few months, so that I can sort of relax next summer.

    Enjoy your autumn and all those lovely blooms of yours.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Nice header! Love the colors in it. And I'm glad you're o.k. with autumn now. Your garden looks like it still has quite a few treasures left in it. But, I know what you mean about saying goodbye to summer. We have to wait now until spring to start the process all over again. Without winter, I suppose we wouldn't appreciate it as much.

  8. Beautiful flowers!! More than I had all summer! I have one coneflower bloom and a few oxalis blooms.

    It's always difficult to get the chores done before sundown when the fall days begin to get shorter.

  9. Hey Grace dear, too late! My back is broken after a few days of heavy work out in the garden.

    Lost a few plants this summer and that makes me so sad, but all in all, I did okay.

    Spreading straw now and trimming borders,

    Aspirin anyone?

    LOVE your photos. That blue!


  10. Gracey Girl I would not have believed that I too would still have healthy beautiful fuchsia as well at this time of year .. must be the politicaly correct move they have made on me ? haha
    Yes .. I do have an on going love affair with my kale .. ain't it gorgeous ?? LOL
    I know you will find it hard to believe .. but .. I didn't watch the show today except for the preview for tomorrow when it looks like Nikie ? in hot red shoes (we don't see her face) is jetting off to London for a trip before she comes home from rehab .. what that is all about I have no clue .. "red" was taunting Victor about murdering Diane and he was taunting her 'rock in hand'action .. all silly crap .. lets have some real meat and potatoes here eh ??
    Sadly .. my Halloween spirit really is totally deflated .. there is always next year ?
    Joy wink wink

  11. Your garden is still powering ahead! I always tell myself that spring starts when I can spot new growth on the, around here, that's around February! I just ignore the calendar :-)

  12. Love the new header. This week I have finally embraced fall myself. And I do LOVE fall. I think it was just what you said--not wanting to let go of summer this year. Now I just need to get the rest of my bulbs in the ground since I have been dragging my feet and now it is getting chillllyyyy! brrrr!

  13. I'd have to use spray paint to get all that color outside today Grace-- and you still have tomatoes and berries-- I love the mushroom. And the header!

  14. I'm impressed that you still have fruit and tomatoes, Grace. My tomatoes have long since finished, but I think I helped them along with radical pruning to encourage ripening.

    I'm beginning to appreciate the charms of this season and when I look around my garden and see what's still lovely in yours, I admit that October can be a pretty nice long as it doesn't rain!

  15. I still don't have a clue on how to keep a fuchsia alive! You have plenty of color in your gardens still, I can only imagine how that hydrangea looked during it's prime! Your time sitting on your arse on Saturday was not wasted here. Now, going to check out your other blog.

  16. I will make a confession that will shock all who visit here. I love winter! No chores nagging me from outdoors, fire in the fireplace, good book to read, warm cozy the meantime, I am busy loving Fall. I'm glad to hear you are coming around...after aLL: WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?
    Luscious new header, by the way.

  17. Very pretty new header. You've got some really pretty fuchsias! This time of year I really appreciate the fuchsias and geraniums and others that just keep on blooming. Yesterday while I was doing some clean up I was already thinking about gardening in spring, but really with a fall like we've had it's hard to complain.

  18. Love your new header and enjoyed your Subplots blog, too. I empathize with you about letting go of a favorite season. I feel that way about Autumn. Our summers are brutal and when the cooler days arrive and bring the asters into bloom my spirit soars. I look out the windows~it's cold and rainy and think~here comes winter! Yikes. We will have to spend time in our photo archives to make sure to lift our spirits during these next months. gail

  19. Your header photo is not showing up today. It's a black background with the white exclamation mark.

    I enjoyed all of the blooms in this post, though. I like that blue geranium, too.

    I have been eating a few raspberries from the 5 plants I put in last year. They haven't spread yet, but I hope they do. It's fun picking them and eating them on the spot.

  20. Well, aren't you in a mellow and wise mood this autumn? Your garden still looks full of interest and detail, no wonder you're feeling so zen. I do like the new header with all that info too.

  21. gorgeous fuchsia!! The toadstool is adorable. I never seem to find the lilliputian treasures, but more of of the "from beyond" fungi.

  22. I've come back to this post a few times, the flowers are stunning, love love love fuchsias - although honestly I love those shades of pink you have.
    The handful of berries make my mouth water!
    Ah and I'm happy to see someone else likes to take the little mushroom pictures!

  23. Great toadstool pic. I'm with you, finally fall feels good. And it's lasting a while too, which is nice. Boise is just bursting with color right now and I just can't get enough of it.
    I love those castor bean plants.

  24. Yes autumn has its own rewards although it takes some adjusting to, especially the latter stages as it morphs into winter. That gaura is a delicious shade of pink Grace. Which one is it? Like the new header - job well done :)


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