Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm Seeing Things

I HOPE YOU ALL ARE enjoying the pre-holiday hoopla and not stressing out too much over the still-unfinished items on your to-do list. I've barely started my shopping which is fairly typical of me. I'm not much of a shopper unless it's for plants and unfortunately there aren't too many gardeners in my immediate family. 

I saw this vinyl album cover last year and thought it was cute enough to re-post.  Don't you love the artwork of the mid-1960's? It's priced at $1.99. I wonder how much it cost originally. 

And while the above photo is cute in its unique way, the below photo is, well, just unique. I took it while visiting Walmart last weekend.  I know I harbor a bias against some things so maybe I'm being a little presumptuous here. I'll withhold my opinion and pose the question to all of you. Tell me, is a purple faux Christmas tree terrific or tacky? Fabulous of Faux pas? 

On a more serious note, my heart goes out to the anguished citizens on Newtown, Connecticut and Portland, Oregon. I can't imagine their heartache. 

Hugs to all. 


  1. Trying to keep it simple again this year as I have been a bit under the that song and cover...I like purple tree and with the other faux I think it is pretty although not for me..I am sickened to the core over the an educator it is beyond belief for me.

  2. No no no to the purple Christmas tree!!! I may well have been listening to that record myself in the 60s Grace - I should have held on to such relics rather than let my mum throw them out. I am completely at loss to understand how anybody could commit such a sickening crime - so many lives lost and others that will be damaged forever :(

  3. Love the record cover; the purple tree not so much. It's all about context with a tree like that. Not for me but maybe someone with greater vision could make it work.

  4. Hello Gracie girl (I so owe you e-mail .. it will come eventually)
    I love the older graphics of the 50's .. maybe it is because we remember a bit as kids ? .. it would be more 60's for me but you know what I mean.
    As for the WalMart picture .. hum ... LOLOLOL ... that is all I can manage!

    Yes .. the tidal wave of grief over such intense sadness with what happened. At the moment I can't dwell on it too long .. it just piles up too far for me. But I am so sad for the kids and parents that have been touched by it.
    PS ... don't run yourself ragged girl !

  5. Good luck getting it all done! I actually like the purple tree. Wouldn't work in my house, though. I wonder if they'll sell many!

  6. It takes real pizazz to pull off a look like that. I admire anyone who can do it.
    The tragedies take my breath away...there are no words.

  7. I think the purple tree would be great in a dorm and I love the old album cover. :o) Christmas is very low-key here. I kept my classroom as cheerful as possible today and noticed that none of my students minded the new rule of always keeping our doors locked. I was a wreck last Friday.

    Since you are a real writer, as opposed to me who just clatters away at the keyboard, would you read my current post? I like it quite a bit and would love feedback from a REAL writer!

  8. Marginally better than those green trees of old that seemed to be comprised of dyed toilet bowl cleaners brushes. This has throwaway written all over it....this year purple, next year blue. I'd almost encourage someone to get a cheap tree and paint it purple. Love the album cover and artwork. They always seemed to credit the musician on these old albums - hooray for Norman Luboff. Is that $1.05 under Jimmy Boyd's name - so much for albums as investments - although definitely better than purple trees.

  9. Continue to see things and share them with us, Grace - the fun, the bizarre and even the unspeakably tragic. I so appreciate both your eyes and your heart.

  10. Grace,
    I have an award for you here:
    Congrats and Merry Christmas!


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