Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Gardening and Admiring

DESPITE MY DESIRE TO be in the garden, today, I was forced indoors by a November-like wind and rain storm. This, to celebrate the first day of fall. I'm hoping it's not a harbinger of things to come.

Kiss-Me-Under-The-Garden-Gate, looking very pink in front
of the maroon Nine Bark foliage. 
Now that it's fall, I'm excited to be able to move plants around without the risk of transplant shock. Talk about the need for patience. There is one border that I designed this spring and it was a bust at best. Here's a photo.

See what I mean? No contrast, no definition, no excitement. Blah!
The only attention-grabber is the serendipitous volunteer Kiss-Me
with its vertical stature and heart-shaped foliage. 

So I'm going to be reworking this full-sun bed this fall. I thought about including the Melianthus (you can see on the right side of the photo) but I've got a different place for it. Instead I'm thinking I'll plant my huge pot of Cannas and my 'Tiger Eye' Sumac. And maybe a few small ornamental grasses in front. Any ideas? 

I'm also thinking next springI'll buy another Kale 'Lacinata' to it.
I'm so impressed with this plant. It's almost five-feet tall! 

In a semi-shady location, the hardy Fuchsias are still going strong. 

I'm loving my 'Burgundy Bunny' Pennisetum 

Isn't she gorgeous? I nabbed the last one of these sweet hardy Geraniums last month.
I think the tag is still outside and I don't want to get it
so if you want to know what it's called, just holler real loudly
and I'll fetch it.

Spigelia is blooming again. Although I rarely have yellow flowers, I love this guy. 

Rosa mutabilis drenched in rain water. 

Crimson Fans blushing

Almost too much pink for my camera. 

Lespedeza in full bloom 

And a blushing Melianthus 

'Sun and Substance' Hosta 

Fuzzy tassels on this Pennisetum 


Luna Hibiscus... for Anna 

'Paris' Heuchera blooming again

Zip, inhaling 'Walker's Low' Catmint

Foliage of Begonia grandis

My "barely there" Acanthus. 

Tetrapanax, Artichoke and Kale, aren't they a happy threesome? 

One of the mildew-free species Impatiens from Fry Road Nursery
is this sweet thing called 'Lavender Bubbles.' 

And finally, I took a photo of my Northern Sea Oats before cutting them off for an indoor
display. They're so cool. 


  1. That storm was crazy! My oldest had a soccer game in it. Your garden looks like it's going strong still! I'm looking forward to some plant moving too.

  2. So much beauty! This storm really nixed a lot of good garden intentions! Happy though because I did some planting yesterday and now don't have to worry about watering.

  3. Your flowers look gorgeous for fall. I haven't seen the double geraniums yet, I'll have to look for them at the nurseries.

  4. Wow! That begonia is amazing! Fry Rd.?
    Some of your plants I have never seen before (or heard of).

  5. Too much pink for your camera? Say it isn't so!

    Hey I've got a friend looking for 'Burgundy Bunny' Pennisetum, do you remember where you bought it?

  6. What Loree said: must be time for a new camera.
    The kale has wonderful ornamental qualities...and tasty, too!

  7. WOW! Beautiful! Our gardens are almost ready to cut back. Where has the time gone! Glad to see that yours are still going strong. Beautiful flowers and pictures.

  8. Beautiful blooms. Kiss-Me has gone native in my's pale pink and white. Yours is lovely. Did you purchase it or is it a native? It comes in so many great colors!

  9. Such beautiful flowers ~ makes me wish I could leave the office and go home and garden (of course we're getting total downpours now). I especially love your Fuhsia.

  10. Thanks for the Luna know how much I love them. My red one is the only one that is still putting on a few blooms. I am so jealous of your Fuchsia's...I've tried a number of times to grow them but I guess it's just too hot in Texas. Great photos as always!

  11. Grace, SO stunning as always....a feast for the eyes and an inspiration, too!

  12. I've got pink in my fall garden and I think your plants are fantastic. I also find that the frustration of fall is that all of a sudden I realize there are things that need to be changed, but little time to do it all.

  13. Oh Grace your garden is stunning...I love the color and foliage...always so different than anything I see...

  14. I know we are always reworking things, but I don't see the problems you do with that area you are not happy with.

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you in the more recent post that I was glad you included some wider views. I always enjoy seeing them.


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