Monday, March 25, 2019

Nursery Visit: Little Prince of Oregon

Now that winter is officially over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. No more cold weather! (We hope.) 

For we who love gardening it's the happiest time of the year. In addition to all the garden digging, we get to visit our favorite nurseries and buy new plants. Last Saturday I met up with garden pal Heather and drove up to Little Prince of Oregon, a wholesale nursery outside of Aurora that opens once a year for those of us privileged enough to be invited.

Little Prince has hundreds of cool plants for sale at, well, pretty much everywhere. The graphic below gives you an idea of the number of retail outlets along the I-5 corridor. This page will give you more specific information.

Little Prince is not little. Every year they add new plants to their long list of goodies. Hundreds of succulents, perennials, ferns, grasses and shrubs grow in multiple hoop houses.

One of the "It" plants for next year will be 'Gold Nugget' Sempervivum. Check out that gold color!

Sempervivum 'Gold Nugget'
Aren't they something?

Another cool item were these sedum table wreaths. They were already sold. Wouldn't they be fun on a picnic table with a hurricane lamp in the center?

Lemon Fizz Santolina is an amazing plant. Aren't these the cutest?
Santolina rosmarinfolia 'Lemon Fizz'

So what did I buy? Here are some of the tags:

And here are the plants:

 And the rest:

They're small now but will grow quickly as most plants do here in western Oregon. Have you purchased any new plants yet this spring?


  1. What a treat to visit Little Prince! L.P. created quite a buzz at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February when they featured Sempervivum 'Gold Nugget' in their display. You got a nice haul!

  2. what a fun nursery hop. I can never make that little chartreuse santolina happy -- looks amazing massed like that.

  3. What a great selection, Grace! One of my favorite "local" nurseries (about 50 miles north) used to carry Little Prince succulents, which were always of pristine quality. Unfortunately, that nursery closed several years ago and I've yet to see their plants pop up in any of the garden centers I frequent. I just checked Little Prince's map of sellers to see if anything's changed and one nursery in Carpinteria, about 110 miles to the north of where I live, came up. I guess that's progress...It seems to me SoCal's an untapped market.

  4. Oh, fun! Thanks for the reminder: I need to get out and buy some succulents for my planters. They're so much fun in all those shapes and colors.

  5. Hello Grace! Nice haul. That Sempervivum Gold Nugget'! And outlawgardener says they featured it at the NWFGS too. I better get mine before they're gone!

  6. Nice haul, Grace! Sorry I missed the event. Since you asked - yes! I have indeed already bought plants this year. That was part of the reason I opted to stay home. I have yet to figure out where most of them should go, and what I need to remove in order for that to happen. And so begins the endless game of horticultural Musical Chairs... And, a day at home with no obligations was just heavenly! I'll make up for it next year!

  7. Wow - that Gold Nugget is quite something, isn't it? I'm not even going to try - I just know I'd kill it in a month. Love that you got yourself a Coniogramme! Now THAT I know from experience survives in my garden. Those stripy fronds are to die for!

  8. Hello there girl ! .. I have meant to email .. I make emails up in my head but never seem to follow through .. but i have been thinking of you!
    WE are still stuck in winter mode here .. it is UGLY to say the least.
    I love all these plants ... I have a thing for that Gold Nugget , it is gorgeous !!! .. all your plant picks are cool .. you have to know how jealous I am of you .. we never have access to the variety you do but then again your zone is a lot more forgiving .. BIG sigh !
    Enjoy Garden Xmas girl !!


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