Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Plant of the Week: Moss

Yes moss. Some could call it a weed because it grows like one and attaches itself to anything porous during our rainy season. My hubby uses the white powder to keep it from growing on our house's roof but I gladly allow it in the garden. 

You have to get low to really appreciate the diminutive beauty of moss. You have to slow down and study and stroke its softness. You have to be sort of childlike and think about its tiny world and the inhabitants of the moss microcosm. And you have to have a sense of humor, appreciating it for its uniqueness and quirkiness. And you have to marvel at its tenacity.

And I do.

So much for the succulents I planted in this roof garden where moss is king.

Does your garden grow moss? Does it annoy or enchant you?


  1. I love moss too. Your photos are fabulous, can just imagine how plentiful it is in your garden. I was walking the dog this morning and was looking at the moss growing along the roadside. I thought about scooping up some of it and bringing it back to my gardens. Funny how some people don't like it.

  2. I'm envious of your moss - and your lichen. We get a teeny bit of moss in a couple of spots but nothing like the fluffy masses you have.

  3. I agree with everything you said and shared in this post, Grace. I love moss. It's taking over our back lawn, and I'm OK with that! It's so beautiful, fascinating, and SOFT. Beautiful photos here, too!

  4. You've got great moss! Do you try and keep it green in the summer or let it go dormant?

  5. Looove the mosses, Grace. Thanks for sharing - you have a great variety! Nice pics too. I don't think it would be winter in the PNW without a healthy carpet of green moss in the garden.


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